June 9, 2024

Monday L2


Snatch Balance W/ Pause

5 x 3

New Set Every 1:30

Pause for 3s in the receiving position

Staying light here working receiving the bar as low in the squat as possible. the goal of this is positional work, not so much weight.



5 Rounds For Time:

15 Toes To Bar

30 Wall Balls (20/14)-(10/9)

60 Double Unders


Elite/Semis: RX

Quarters: 12 Toes to bar, 25 Wall Balls


Stimulus Check:

We’re looking for an amount of reps that we can hold to unbroken for most of the workout for both the Wallballs and the Toes to Bar.



4 Sets:

:45 Bamboo bar Overhead Hold (Snatch Grip)

:30 GHD Hollow Hold

Rest as needed Between Sets

June 9, 2024