June 7, 2024

Saturday L2


3 Rounds:

:20 GHD Hollow Hold

:20 Handstand Hold

15 Banded Pull Aparts (Red)

10 Banded Strict Press



Banded Strict Press

7 x 2 @ 50% of 1rm + red/orange band

New Set Every 1:00

pause on the shoulders for each rep.



Strict Handstand Push-ups

4 x “Max” Technical Reps

Rest 1:30 Between


Elite: Deficit Strict (4″/2″)

Quarters: Max Reps into Max Feet elevated A-frame Push-ups


Technical max reps today not failure. the second your positions start to breakdown stop. only train good movement patterns. if you get more than 15 for 2 sets in a row add a deficit. IF you get less than 5 strict; perform as many as possible the place feet on the box and do as many a-frames as you can each round


Partner Metcon:

For Time:

120 Calorie Ski (Split)

Switch after Non working Male or Female Complete 12 Toes to Bar and 10 Devils Press (50/35)


120 Calorie Row (Split)

Switch after non working Male or Female complete 3 Rope Climbs and 12 Dual Dumbbell Shoulder to overhead (50/35)


Stimulus Check:

Both partners are working at the same time, one is on the machine and one is performing the work. Looking for the work to take around 90 seconds or less.


Optional Additional Work Sessions

Only do additional training if you’re able to recover for next training session

Consistency before additional workloads, (5 Class workouts > 3 class workouts + 

additional work


Ring Muscle-up Work:

For Quality:

5 Rounds

4-6 Ring Muscle-ups

Rest 1:00 Between




Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raises

3 x 20

Rest 1:00 Between 

Staying light here and more the dumbbells quickly


Behind the neck Lat Pulldown

3 x 25

Rest 1:00 Between


June 7, 2024