May 23, 2024

Friday L2


3 Rounds

200m Run

8 Muscle-Snatches

4 Back Squats



Front Squats:

8 x 2 @ 85-90% Across

New Set Every 2:00

Work on moving that bar quickly with each rep.



4 Rounds:

10 Seated Sumo Stance Good Mornings

2 Bounding Broad Jumps For Max Distance

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds



2 Sets:

3 Rounds:

200m Run

10 Power Snatches (135/85)

Rest 5 Minutes Between Sets

2 Scores Here


Elite: 155/105

Semis: RX

Open: 95/65


Stimulus Check:

Trying to be consistent between the two sets. Snatches should be quick singles or small sets with short rest on set 1. On set 2, if you can, try to go touch and go and see what happens.

Retest from 6/9/2023


Optional Additional Work Sessions

Only do additional training if you’re able to recover for next training session

Consistency before additional workloads, (5 Class workouts > 3 class workouts + additional work



Single Arm Single Leg Dumbbell RDL

4 x 10/10

Rest 1:30 Between

Same Weight as last week.


Goblet Cossack Squats

3 x 20 (total)

Rest 1:30 Between Sets


Band Prone Hamsting Curls

150 Reps For time (Red)


Clean Work:

Hang Squat Clean + Power Clean

7 x Complex

Rest 1:30 Between Lifts


trying to tire the legs out with that inital squat clean then hit a heavy power.


Strict Gymnastics Pulling:

Strict Peg Board

5 x 1

Rest 1:30 Between Sets


Extra Conditioning:

10 Rounds

250/225m Row

3 Clean and jerks (185/125)


Looking for quick transitions with fast singles on the barbell. try holding on to a fast pace on the barbell ideally 2-5s faster than your 2k pace.

May 23, 2024