September 21, 2023

Friday L2


Behind the Neck Split Jerk

15 Minutes to Establish a 1 Rep Max



Every Minute On the Minute

5 Minutes

3 Ring Muscle Ups


Rest 2 Minutes


6 Rounds:

3  Wall Walks

5 Wall Facing Handstand Push-ups

40 Double Unders


Semis: 6 Ring Muscle-ups 5 Wall Walks, 8 Wall Facing

Quarters: As Prescribed

Open 1 Ring Muscle-up, Wall Facing to a Plate


Stimulus Check:

Manage shoulder fatigue as much as you can on the  Double Unders and the wall walks by being efficient. Wall Facing handstand Push-ups should be unbroken for more than half the rounds


Optional Additional Work Sessions:

  • Only do additional training if you’re able to recover for next training session
  • Consistency before additional workloads, (5 Class workouts > 3 class workouts + additional work


Gymnastics Strength:

5 Rounds for Quality

Max Strict Handstand Push-ups

Max Kipling Handstand Push-ups

Rest 2:00 Between

“”Max”” here means 2-3 reps shy of failure. If that means 1 Shspu then so be it.



Incline Bench Chest Supported Cuban Press

3 x 12

Rest 1:00-1:30 Between


Incline Bench A Raise

3 x 15

Rest 1:30 Between

September 21, 2023