September 25, 2022

Monday Games Training


Tempo Front Squat 

[email protected]%

[email protected]%

[email protected]%

[email protected]%

[email protected]%

  • 32X1 Tempo (3 second negative, 2 second pause, explod up 1 second pause at top)
  • New Set Every 2:00
  • Stay on tempo even if you need to scale weight down a bit from suggested %’s


Squat Clean

(6 x 1)

New Set Every 1:30

Sets 1-3 @70%

Sets 4-6 @75%

Clean technique stick to these moderate loads this week



5 Rounds

Every 3:00

20/15 Calorie Row

10 Devils Press (50/35’s)

Score each interval

Optional Additional Work Sessions

  • Choose additional work sessions that focus on your weaknesses. 
  • Only do additional training if your able to recover for next training session
  • Consistency before additional workloads, (5 Class workouts > 3 class workouts + additional work


Strength Accessory:

Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes:

5 Side Delt Raise

5 Biceps Curls

For Delt Raises to go heavy


Bike Conditioning Option

For Max Calories:

3 Minute Test

Males shoot for 75+

Females 60+



September 25, 2022