May 19, 2022

Friday Games Training


Back Squat

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  • New Set Every 2:00

Snatch Pull + Hang Power Snatch +Power  Snatch

5 x Complex

  • New Set Every 2:00
  • Progressive


4 Rounds

For Time:

21 Deadlifts (185/125)

21 Pull-Ups

Optional Additional Work Sessions:

  • Choose additional work sessions that focus on your weaknesses. 
  • Only do additional training if your able to recover for next training session
  • Consistency before additional workloads, (5 Class workouts > 3 class workouts + additional work)


Strength Accessory Option



3 Rounds For Quality:


GHD Hip Extensions x 20  

(hold for a second at top position, and hold a plate across chest if possible)


Barbell Hip Thrusts x 10 reps

(go as heavy as possible – but be sure to get full hip extension)



4 Rounds

For Quality:

20 Front-Rack Walking Lunge Steps (53/35 Kettlebells)

50’ Sandbag Carry (150/100)

  • New Round Every 3:00


Aerobic/Gymnastics Option

For Time:

150/115 Calorie Bike Erg or Rower if No Barbell Membership

  • Starting @ 0:00 and every 2:00 5 Strict Chin-Ups or 1 Legless Rope Climb


Bike Conditioning Option

4 Rounds

1:00 Max Calorie Bike

15 Thrusters (115/75 lbs)

Rest 3:00

  • Note the total time for each set including the 60 seconds of Assault Bike AND the total calories per set.
  • Don’t game this one too much, use it to push your threshold, the score is not as important as the stimulus here 


May 19, 2022